3 Reasons Why Marketing Campaigns Fail

We all know that failure is an integral part of success, but how do we make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes and aim for a sucecesful marketing campaign.

Marketing and marketing campaigns are one of the most essential elements of your business. If you have been in business for some years then you must know how dedicatedly your marketing team is working to achieve the desired sales target. No matter how good or bad your products and services are, if you cannot take them to your target audience, they are of no use. You need to showcase your products and services in front of your customers, appeal and attract them towards your business. All these things when blended make up into a marketing campaign.

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Marketing campaigns can be of various kinds, however the only aim of these campaigns is to create public awareness for your products or services and attract more and more customers towards your business. Howbeit, there are times when are left scratching our heads that why on earth the last marketing campaign failed, what went wrong, which was the stone you left unturned that resulted in this failure?

Well, it's no mystery,  life is full of failures, each failure opens up new horizons for you to conquer, and the same would apply to your marketing campaigns as well. The ideal step is to find out what went wrong with the last campaign and how you can improvise so that your next campaign is a big hit. The only elixir for a successful marketing campaign is to create, test, analyse and repeat.


The following are the major three reasons for unsuccessful marketing campaigns:

Failure due to the target audience

Understanding your target audience, their likes, and dislikes and coming to know why would they come and purchase your upcoming product is very important for a successful marketing campaign. When there are loopholes in this stage, the chances are you will end up with a failed advertising campaign.

The following are the points to be kept in mind:

  • Understanding your audience

Understanding your target audience is very necessary. For this, you need to perform a market research by using the product you are about to launch in the market. Give across samples of the product and see which age group or gender is more attracted towards it and based on the data, you can mold your marketing campaign accordingly. It does not mean that you need to know your audience completely, this will not happen also as a strong relationship with your audience is built up over a period of time. The ideal thing is, you need to have a fair idea about the audience and how fair your product will do in front of them.

  • Focusing on wrong goals

Focusing on one thing is always a good idea but people fail to keep their focus in the right direction. It is often observed that marketers focus on reach rather than the target. What is the use of reaching an audience who will have no value for your product? You need to focus on reach once you know your target audience completely. When you put the target preference above the reach factor, you can be assured that, your marketing campaign is reaching a qualified audience.


  • The frequency of your campaign

Do you know your marketing campaign needs to reach your audience 6 to 20 times in a day for 30% conversion? The frequency of your marketing campaign is a must. For a successful marketing campaign, it is necessary that your campaign reaches the target audience frequently until everything about your product is etched in the minds and hearts of your target customers. Do not think that you need to have a big budget for this, even a small budget when spread smartly, will reap good results.

  • Clear Call to action

The last mistake that marketers commit while working with their target audience is that their call for action is not clear. The message conveyed through the various marketing channels are so ambiguous and unclear that even if the products are useful to the audience, the think twice before purchasing it. Your marketing campaign should be terse, crisp and should inspire the audience for a clear call to action.

Failure due to lack of creativity

Creativity is a very important element of your marketing campaign. The creativity added in the campaign is responsible to set you apart from the rest of the marketers.



  • Campaigning for the sake of it

We know there is fierce competition in the market and often marketers start a campaign only because his competitor has also done for the same line of products. When you try to copy others, you do not reap ripe fruits. These kinds of campaigns are planned in a hurry and do not provide desired results. These kinds of campaigns lack creativity and without creativity, your campaign goes straight into the garbage trunk.

  • The use of creativity is less

Do you how important is creativity to your marketing campaign? Creativity is an inherent element of any marketing campaign and your creativity can only set you apart in a bunch of apples. It is not wrong to say that creativity makes your brand and this creativity helps your brand to stay in the minds and hearts of your customers. Creativity is nothing but an emotional link between you and your audience. Just hit the right people with the right frequency creatively and see the magical results.

  • The creativity did not suit your audience

Did not get what we mean? At times, the creativity you applied to your campaign does not suit the audience. You provide them with apples and they might be in the need of oranges. At this stage, the research you conducted at the initial stages of your marketing campaign will help you. The saying goes right here, “bad creative to a good list will always outperform good creative to a bad list”. Having said this, we again move to our first point of understanding our audience well.

  • You could not establish your USP

You use your creativity only to create a USP for your product or service. If you are not able to achieve this target then there is no point of this gung-ho. Better you pack up the marketing campaign and go back to your office chair. Without a USP for your product, do you think you can survive in the market for even a single day? The USP of your business is what you think of when you start your marketing campaign but you need to match it with the creativity you put in through it.

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 Failure due to circulating marketing message

The last error in the marketing campaigns is the wrong circulation of messages.

  • Your marketing message could not reach the right audience

Many a time, the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is distorted when the message is not conveyed to the right audience. We again come back to our main point of understanding our audience. No matter, how good the marketing campaign is, if it is not reaching the right audience, it will not produce the desired results. Always convey message to the right people.

Another point to understand is, your marketing message should integrate properly across all the platforms. Your brand should be able to connect with your customers emotionally at every point of sales. 

  • Targeting wrong metrics

This point will apply before or after the marketing campaign. You need to use the right metrics to judge the success of your marketing campaign. When the data is collected, it becomes noisy and tough to handle. Under such scenario, if you use wrong metrics, chances are you will never have the correct results. When the data interpretation is wrong, how can you expect your marketing campaign to be effective and successful? Always make use of metrics from authentic sources.

  • Campaign was timed poorly

Last but not the least, your marketing campaign can fail when the time of the campaign is not right. Imagine an advertisement of refrigerator floating in chilling winters, do you think people will be attracted to buy it? Of course not. The advertisement should come is summers so that people understand the importance and value of the innovations with your product and eagerly purchase it. The timings of your marketing campaigns are really important.


It is not tough to make a marketing campaign successful. Your failed marketing campaign may be the result of a combination of the factors discussed above and not one single factor It may be possible that your marketing campaign faired only 50% on the above parameters. It is up to you to decide and improve in future. If you observe, everything moves around understanding your audience, creating the right message and conveying the message at the right time. If you learn the basics of these points, you will never end up scratching your head over a failed marketing campaign.

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