Augmented Reality

Rethinking Sustainability with AR

Augmented reality curbs the need for physical presence. Be it of prototypes, products or people. Owing to this, AR can be huge on being a sustainable practice and reducing carbon footprint. Find out how.

  • AR in Edtechs: What's in Store?

    What's the buzz in the education industry about Augmented Reality and the transformation from engaged learning to immersive learning?

  • Immersive Retail Experiences

    How can brick & mortar stores attract customers? Some successful examples of brands using tech to offer immersive shopping experiences to store visitors.

  • Why AR is the biggest breakthrough in Education?

    The biggest breakthrough in the education sector by far has to be augmented reality. With the most immersive and practical based learning, innovative methods and real-life 3D Models, it is the perfect attention grabber for any student.

  • Future of Retail with Live Assist

    The physical retail sector is constantly innovating to remain relevant. Immersive Retail with Live Assist is a disruptive solution bridging the gap between physical and digital retail.

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